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On a cost-sharing basis with industry, THRIP fosters collaboration in science, engineering and technology research. This helps government to create long-term associations that can resolve technology challenges and boost the economy, as well as provide high-level education and skills training to improve the technological proficiency of our people.

The following impacts have been achieved from the supported projects:

·         Students who were participating in projects have registered for further degrees or are employed.

·         Jobs have been created through the outcomes of the completed projects.

·         Development or strengthening of collaborative networks within and between academia and/or industry.

·         Financial return on investment by the industry partner.

·         Technology diffusion to prototypes, products, or processes developed.


To see a list of the industry partners that supported THRIP projects in 2013/14, click HERE.


To see a list of the industry partners that supported THRIP projects in 2012/13, click HERE.


An industry partner refers to any private sector and parastatal contributors and includes private associations and individuals. Approval by the dti for participation by some parastatals may be sought before THRIP matching funds are provided.


THRIP only funds projects if the project is of a high quality science, engineering and/or technology research project whose outputs could make a significant contribution towards improving the industry partner’s competitive edge. The project intention should be an innovation, i.e., should lead to the creation and transfer of new knowledge into a process or product (prototype), or the transfer of existing knowledge into a new process or product to benefit the industry partner.


The Intellectual Property Rights arrangement between the HEI/SETI and the industry partner(s) must be in place before the commencement of the THRIP project.


The industry partner must submit an online evaluation of the reported progress as stated in the annual progress report submitted by the project leader. All the industry partners on the THRIP projects are required to comment on the reported progress as stated in the annual report.